Yes, that's me being kind of crazy on a swing by the Hudson River. I take fun very seriously. I know how fragile life can be, and I am determined to cram as much joy into mine as possible. No time to waste. I appreciate the everyday moments of life, aware and grateful for the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.

My story (like yours!) would make a great novel. How can I condense it....well, I've been there, done that, got the tee-shirt on many of life's major challenges...deaths of loved ones (parent, siblings, husband, baby, friends), 6 career changes, 12 moves, hosting international students, child with Crohn's Disease, adoption, blending a step family, and the list goes on...

Thanks to my deep faith in God, I have withstood it all and come through with a beautiful gift: Contrast. It is because I have known the dark that I totally experience the light. So, you can bet I am going to jump on a swing and laugh out loud every chance I get.

My Story

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