My Coaching Style

Here are three core beliefs that underlie my work with clients:

  • You are worthy & lovable just the way you are right now, this minute.
  • Your food & body challenges are actually messengers of deeper issues that need to be brought to light.
  • Self compassion is essential; treating yourself with gentle kindness releases the bondage of old behaviors.

My job is to use my life experience, divinely inspired intuition, and expertise in mind-body nutrition to guide the self discovery process that brings about true life change and freedom.

I can help you if...

* You are ready to get off the yo-yo dieting treadmill for good.

* You want to be able to take your focus off food & just have it be a seamless, no hassle part of life.

* You want to wake up in the morning and love the person staring back at you from the mirror.

* You want to finally learn how to really take care of your whole self, body, mind and spirit.

My Offerings:

One-on-One Personalized Coaching

Choose 3 month or 6 month programs:

  • Deep Dive 90 Day Intensive
  • ​True Transitions 6 month Journey
  • Customized programs are also available according to individual preferences

"Dating the New You" Small Group Coaching

This small group program is designed to give both emotional and practical support to those who have experienced major weight loss through bariatric surgery or other interventions. Life is turned upside down, & help is needed with everything from "What do I EAT???" to "Who are my friends NOW?"  I facilitate this program in partnership with my colleague, Tammi Kaminski, who has successfully transformed her life after bariatric surgery.

6 Weekly Sessions which each include:

  • Teaching & discussion on topics such as new body image perceptions, transforming relationships, re-engineering socializing & entertaining, real "do-overs" of 1st impressions
  • Practical, real food tip each week
  • Simple mindfulness practices to center & relieve the stresses of radical change

Interested? I invite you to have a free 20 minute Discovery Session with me to find out more!

​Heart & Head  Nutrition​