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There is a swirl of nutrition INFORMATION out there...Amazon alone lists 115,315 titles on this topic. What's right ???? That's where I come in...I offer my clients nutrition WISDOM...applying self-compassion to figure out just what small changes are needed at this moment. Curiosity, not judgement is the key to unlocking the door to peace with food and body.

Susan Noyes-Taylor, CHC, CEPC

Compassionate Nutrition and Eating Psychology Consultant

Upcoming Speaking Engagement

Eat to Beat Diabetes

Naturally Nourish Your Body for Blood Sugar Control


   Ramsey Public Library

30 Wyckoff Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ

When:   Tuesday, Sept. 13th
             ​  7 to 8 pm

Please come!


Who is that person in the mirror?

"Dating the New You" is  a small group program designed to give both emotional and practical support to those who have experienced major weight loss through bariatric surgery or other programs. Life is turned upside down & help is needed with everything from "What do I EAT ???" to "Who are my friends NOW ?" Contact me for information on when the group session begins.

It's complicated...What if emotional eating, weight gain, digestive upset, and every other crazy food behavior is NOT the enemy, but instead a powerful messenger?

Wouldn't you like help decoding that message?

Together we can discover your real desires so you can fully live the life

you are called to live...at peace with your body and food.

Reinvent Your Relationship with Food and Body

Book a free 20 minute Discovery Session with me to learn how you can reinvent your relationship with food & body.